The Barbourville Utility Commission strives to deliver quality Cable TV service at the lowest price possible. In recent years, the cost of programming has increased annually, and that trend continues to be the case for 2018 and upcoming years. This year, broadcasters such as Fox Sports, TLC, Nickelodeon, and USA have increased our fees by more than 7%. With packages already priced as low as possible, BUC is forced to increase cable rates to offset the increased programming charges.

Basic cable - from $59.70 to $64.00 monthly 

Preferred cable - from $72.70 to $77.70 monthly

HD Plus - from $78.70 to $83.00 monthly 

Additionally, local broadcast channels such as WDKY, WYMT, WLEX, and WTVQ have inflated their retransmission charges to providers such as BUC. In some instances, these stations have increased our monthly fees by almost 100%. As a result, BUC will be increasing the Monthly Broadcast Surcharge by $5.90.    

Broadcast Surcharge - $17.46

The price increases are a pass through of increased programming costs to Barbourville Utilities. The new rates will be effective March 1, 2018. Despite these changes, our emphasis remains on the customer. Barbourville Utilities will continue to offer quality programming including local, digital, and high-definition channels. As always, we greatly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.


Barbourville Utilities