blink: Barbourville's Gigabit Link

Welcome to the Future

Barbourville Utilities is proud to offer Fiber-to-the-Home Internet connectivity with Blink — Barbourville's Gigabit Link. Blink delivers 250 Mbps, 500 Mbps and even 1 Gigabit speeds! Blink can handle up to 5 simultaneous HD signals into the home. Gamers will love the extremely high speed both up and down. Businesses will have a speed and data capacity advantage few rural communities offer today.

Barbourville's fiber optic network provides greater reliability than traditional copper-based Internet service. The data capacity of Barbourville's fiber-optic lines and the lack of interference (a common issue on standard copper-based lines) makes the light-driven data technology perfect for delivering blistering gigabit speeds.

Check your address to see if Blink is available for you and to view our coverage area.



Residential Blink Internet

250 Mbps


$40.00 /month

100 Mbps upload


Fast enough for most needs including streaming HD video, gaming, surfing.

500 Mbps


$55.00 /month

200 Mbps upload


Blazing speed and capacity to watch multiple channels of high definition video streams.

1 Gigabit (1,000 Mbps)


$75.00 /month

300 Mbps upload


For the demanding household, gigabit speeds make it possible to stream music in the kitchen, 4k video in the living room and a game in the kids' rooms without a problem.


Business Blink Internet

250 Mbps


$50.00 /month


250 Mbps upload

500 Mbps


$100.00 /month


500 Mbps upload

1 Gigabit (1,000 Mbps)


$250.00 /month


1 Gigabit upload



Can your WiFi router handle Gigabit speeds?

gig router 180

 gamer girl A wireless router makes connecting tablets, phones, game consoles and TVs easy, and a gigabit router will pass the speed of your new Blink Internet smoothly to all your devices.

Regardless of your speed level, a gigabit wireless router can ensure your WiFi is fast enough to keep up. Barbourville Utilities strongly recommends a Gigabit Router and can provide WiFi services at a monthly rate of $7 /month. 

Internet Support

For Internet issues please call: 606-545-9206, Monday thru Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.



Each email account includes 25 GB of storage. Access to your email from anywhere in the world.

Instructions for setting up your email: 

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GigaSpire Wi-Fi 6 Installation Instructions

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GigaCenter Installation Instructions

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Installation instructions and quick start guide for Blink apartments

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Installation instructions and quick start guide for previously installed Blink internet service

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Additional Internet Infomation

Speeds are listed as best effort and are not guaranteed.  All accounts have 1 dynamic IP address by default.  Optical Network Terminal (ONT), monthly lease rate of $5.  Businesses can purchase Static IP addresses for $25 each per month. 


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Remote Control Download


Rules of Service

Internet Subscriber and Service Agreement