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Powering more than 4,000 homes and businesses in Barbourville and Knox County

All electric is purchased from Kentucky Utilities (KU). Barbourville’s base load is 16 Megawatts with a peak of 20.4 Megawatts in the summer. Barbourville Utilities has seven employees in its electric division.

Turn the lights on at your location

Application for electric service must be made in person at our main Barbourville Utilities office and requires a photo id. For more information about becoming a Barbourville Utilities customer, read our General Rules of Service. Questions? Call (606) 546-3187.

Electric Rates


Residential Electric:

  • Customer Charge $12.00
  • Energy Charge $0.0798 per kwh

Commercial Electric:

  • Customer Charge $15.00
  • Energy Charge $0.0835 per kwh

Large Power Electric:

  • Customer Charge $75.00 (Includes 10 KW Demand)
  • All over 10 KW Demand $7.50 per kw
  • Energy Charge $0.0604 per kwh


Power Cost Adjustment (PCA):


The Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) is a rate mechanism that Barbourville Utilities and many other electric utilities use to recover fluctuating power costs. Barbourville Utilities purchases electricity from Kentucky Utilities at wholesale rates that are adjusted annually and fluctuate monthly with changes in KU’s fuel cost. The PCA allows Barbourville Utilities to recover fluctuating costs of electricity to preserve the base electric rates. 



General Rules for Electric Service


 Barbourville Utility Commission electric lineman in lift bucket.