internet cables and fiber optics


Residential Cable Internet

6 Mbps


6 Mbps down

384 Kbps up

Suitable for video conferencing and gaming. Two standard-definition videos or one high-definition video.

12 Mbps


12 Mbps down

1 Mbps up 

Suitable for high performance online gaming, multiple high-definition video streaming.

Improvements Coming!


We will soon be upgrading to fiber optic Internet delivery.

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Business Internet

6 Mbps



6 Mbps down

384 Kbps up

12 Mbps



12 Mbps down

1 Mbps up

25 Mbps



25 Mbps down

2 Mbps up



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Internet Support

For Internet issues please call: 606-545-9206, Monday thru Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.


Each email account includes 25 GB of storage. Access to your email from anywhere in the world.

Instructions for setting up your email: 

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Additional Internet Information

Speeds are listed as best effort and are not guaranteed. All accounts have 1 dynamic IP address by default. You have the option to purchase a modem from us, purchase one from another retailer, or rent one from us. We offer Arris CM820A Docsis 3 Cable Modems for purchase. We currently sell this modem for $50.00 plus tax. If you choose to rent a modem from us, the modem rental fee will be $5.00 per month. Static IP addresses can be purchased for $25 each per month. 



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