About our company

The Barbourville Utility Commission was created in October 1938 by the Barbourville City Council for the purpose of purchasing the existing Electric System.

Three (3) Commissioners are selected from the citizens of Barbourville by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. Each member serves a three (3) year term. The original commissioners were; J.M Wilson, Charles Jennings and Dr. B.P. Jones. J.R. “Jack” Wharton was hired as Superintendent.

Board Members

Lewis Hopper
Steve Evans
Tim Davis


General Manager
Josh Callihan

Statisitics Service

Number of Employees: 44

Number of Water Customers: 6,313

Number of Sewer Customers: 2,284

NNumber of Electric Customers: 4,126

Number of Cable TV Customers: 2,125

Number of Internet Customers: 2,000

Number of Fiber Customers: 4

Wastewater Treatment Plant Capacity: 1 mill

Water Treatment Plant Capacity: 4 mill

Electric System Capacity: 40 MW

Average Daily Water Consumption: 1.5 mill gallons per day

Updated on September 14, 2016



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